A musical collaboration with Fresh IE at the helm is finally coming to fruition for one local Christian artist. 

Jessica Stanley is from Stonewall, Manitoba, and is a wife and mom. She is also releasing her first music project, the album Love Sheds on Friday, July 15. 

"My first single is called 'Walk with Me,'" says Stanley. "I was outside and it was a beautiful day on a walk. A lot of the time while I'm walking I'll pray. I'm in nature and loving what God has done. The verse that popped into my mind was Psalm 119:105 where His word is a light unto my feet. He's with you every step of the way."

Fresh IE has walked Stanley through the songwriting and producing process for this project. He is featured on 'Walk with Me.'

"He's been amazing. He's such a great mentor, he's so encouraging. There was a prompting in my heart to reach out to him. I was amazed because it started out as one song and now, I did an album with his help."

Stanley enjoyed the process and being taken under Fresh's wing.

"He's been so encouraging and filled with wisdom. We'll sit down together and be so inspired, that we'll have a full song in like 10 minutes. Just to see God work. He's always been so open too, sharing his testimony with me and wanting to help others. I'm just thankful he's a part of my life now."

Stanley gave her life to Jesus at just five years old. She said that as a teenager she went through a rough time and at the age of 19 she became a mother. 

"It totally rocked my world. I knew that I was meant to be a mom and have my son Porter. Then my faith grew even more. I needed God so badly."

Now Stanley is a mother of four with her husband. They have two boys and then twin girls. 

"Wherever you are in your life or your walk with God, He has a purpose for your life. You are so loved. Be patient with yourself and take one day at a time. I just know that God is good and He has a good plan for you."