It was a good year to drive on Manitoba's public roadways, according to Manitoba Public Insurance (MPI).

Stats released on Monday show a 32 percent decrease in roadway fatalities from 2016, making it the safest year since 1982.

"The enhanced road safety information that is available to motorists, our police agencies are doing front-line work on that in terms of presence and enforcing the laws and letting motorists know," said Brian Smiley, media relations coordinator with MPI. "Also to the roadside ambulance and first responder care is so enhanced these days."

73 people died in 65 different collisions in 2017, down from 107 in 2016.

A full analysis of vehicle collisions in 2017 is still in progress, but MPI did say that impaired driving, distracted driving, speed and not wearing a seatbelt were primary factors in a number of deaths.

Smiley added that these aren't just numbers, but people.

"These are husbands and wives, brothers and sons, loved ones and grandmas and grandpas."

MPI has put a call out to all road users in efforts to make 2018 the safest year in history on Manitoba roadways, so no more people lose their life because of an avoidable vehicle accident.