Jamie Komaksiutiksak is sharing her earnest love of the Lord through music.

When Komaksiutiksak was 6-months-old, her biological mother sent her from Chesterfield Inlet, Nunavut to live with and be adopted by her birthmother's cousin. The cousin had moved to Winnipeg after fleeing to the city as a child to escape residential schools. 

Never forgetting their heritage, as a child Komaksiutiksak and her family performed throat singing.

"We became a little bit famous for that," she says. 

At 16, Komaksiutiksak devoted herself to Jesus. She says she strayed for a while but has returned to her faith.

"My ministry is singing, and playing my guitar, and writing gospel songs, and praise and worship," she says. "I really love the Lord. I believe in Him strongly and I always will."

Listen to Jamie Komaksiutiksak sing here


Komaksiutiksak uses music to help her, and others, connect with God. She says her adoptive mom tells her every time she sings "she feels the anointing."

Komaksiutiksak says that at first, she did not feel the same but when she was singing for herself, she felt the connection.

"I am singing for the Lord and I pray that it will bless other people as I sing songs from the Lord."

She is currently using her talents to sing with the Holy Rosary Church's choir. She says she is hoping to get into a learning program to help her follow Jesus. For now, Komaksiutiksak is seeing where God is taking her.