With just one week before election day, the campaign trail is heating up. 

On Monday, the Manitoba PC party promised if re-elected, they would create an annual $3-million fund to support security upgrades and repairs to retailers and hotels damaged by vandalism and petty crime across the province.

Kelvin Goertzen, PC candidate for Steinbach, made the announcement yesterday, saying retail crime is on the rise. 

"It hurts local businesses, our economy, and our sense of safety,” said Goertzen. “Business owners deserve to feel safe in their stores and on their properties. This funding will support them by boosting security to help prevent crime, as well as to help clean up our communities after a crime has taken place.”

The funds will be used to help install security features in retail locations, such as cameras and alarm systems. Businesses will also receive funding for cleanups after a break-in or after a building has been vandalized with graffiti.

The provincial election will be held on October 3, 2023.