One Manitoban artist sees lost jobs because of COVID-19 as an opportunity to encourage fans in new and innovative ways.

Speaking from his Niverville Man. home, Jordan St. Cyr is excited about the unique opportunities presented by the disruption of normal business. Instead of touring and visiting churches, Jordan is spending more time with his family.

"Coming from a faith standpoint, this is a call for us to see what's important," he says. "So often, we identify with what we do. Who do you identify as when you take that away? I'm a husband, a father, and most importantly a believer, knowing that God is going to bring us through this even stronger. I think this is a situation that God is going to use in a powerful way."

St. Cyr says that the time spent at home with his family has been great, despite the new challenges presented by homeschooling and finding activities for his children. More time at home has also given him space to think creatively and continue writing.

"I just finished a new EP that will be released in May and I've got a new single on deck for next month. I'm grateful that we got these songs done and that we'll have some new music to share."

St. Cyr says that the music reflects his family's struggles in dealing with his youngest daughter's health issues.

"A lot of the songs we're written out of my own experience and are really resonating with what the world is going through right now, but God is going to bring us through this."

In the meantime, he and his family are enjoying the warmer weather, time outside and doing renovations around the home. St. Cyr says that it is a time for people of faith to connect creatively and cherish the most important things.

"We're grateful for the melting snow and how God is using this to draw us closer together. The human spirit is a wealth of creativity when presented with restrictions".

St. Cyr says that he will be performing a live concert from his home in the coming weeks.