With summer less than a month away, CancerCare Manitoba is encouraging Manitobans to host a Lemonade Stand for Hope. 

This campaign is an opportunity for kids, teens, and anyone young at heart to create hope and raise funds for CancerCare Manitoba. 

"We are excited to be back with lemonade stands for hope," said Manager of Community Events and Development, Sherelle Kwan. "We provide a free starter kit that includes lemonade and some fun little things to help you do some fundraising so that your lemonade can benefit those touched by cancer."

Last year more than 200 stands were hosted by various groups across the province. 

"We were excited just to see how many people came out," said Kwan. "It wasn't just young kids doing lemonade stands. It was the whole family getting involved. It was exciting to hear everyone's stories about who they were doing these stands for."

Kwan says they hope to see the same response again this year.  

"You don't want to be greedy and hope for more. But if 300 was possible I think we would be super excited," said Kwan. " It was equally the donors as well as the organizers who made this so special."

LemonLast year's Lemonade Stands for Hope campaign raised over $102,000 for CancerCare Manitoba. (CancerCare Manitoba/ Facebook)

For Manitobans interested in getting involved and hosting a Lemonade Stand for Hope, Kwan says it's easy. 

"It's a simple registration process and we have kits ready for pickup," Kwan explained. "We had kit pickups already started this week from those who've registered."

They are encouraging participants to host the stand the weekend of July 19-21, so everyone can stand together. However, if that's not possible, any other weekend this summer will also work. 

Visit lemonadeforhope.ca to register. Kits can be picked up from the foundation at 825 Sherbrook Street. 

Last year, the Lemonade Stands for Hope campaign raised over $102,000 for CancerCare Manitoba.