The Chief Public Health Officer says that there is reasonable expectation that people will avoid large group gatherings outside.

Over the weekend, many Manitobans took the advice to spend time outdoors. Taking advantage of the warm weather, many focussed on outdoor activities but some did not focus as much on physical distancing.

Group sizes larger than five people are not permitted, including during outdoor activities such as sledding or ice fishing.

"The groups are really people who come with the same intention to gather. It may be at a rink and you are there with three of four of your friends and someone else is there with three or four of your friends with no intent on gathering together," Roussin says.

Manitobans are not required to wear a mask when outdoors but must keep a distance from others.

Dr. Brent Roussin says Manitobans are responsible to assure they are adequately spaced apart while outdoors.

"There is a level of reasonableness for someone who has a venue that is outdoors to ensure that there is some reasonable fashion to ensure there are not large groups gathering. The burden is also on the individual."

The doctor has continued to encourage outdoor actives throughout the pandemic.