Mayor and council candidates in Winnipeg's election have been graded in a report card by Manitobans for the Arts based on the candidates' understanding of the local arts community and professional scene.

The arts and culture advocacy group sent out a survey to all candidates, and then labelled them based on their responses, ranging from Advocate, to Supporter, to Needs Convincing, and No Response. You can view the report card here.

Camilla Holland, executive director of the Royal Manitoba Theatre Centre, and vice-chair of advocacy for Manitobans for the Arts, called it a fact-finding mission, and she explains the results may also help when it comes to lobbying local government.

"When somebody committed to things in the survey, and their commitment -- we will not necessarily hold them to it in a rigid way, but we (may say) 'Listen, we talked to you about this, this increase to the public art pool of funds that goes to the Winnipeg Arts Council; you thought it was a good idea, you commented that it was a good idea, how can we help you to also convince your council colleagues to also help vote for it?'" said Holland today.

Holland says Manitobans for the Arts doesn't have enough information to endorse specific candidates, and it's a non-partisan organization. She is disappointed though with how many candidates did not respond to the survey.

Election day for Winnipeg is tomorrow.