A two-time Manitoba author is releasing her second book wrapped in intrigue that stems from real-life events that are stranger than fiction.

Iris Munchinsky was born in Scotland but grew up in Ontario before she and her husband made their home in Virden, Manitoba. 

Her second book in the Shadow Series, Shadow of the Masters, was released on December 15, 2022. 

"When my dad died, we found out that he had an old secret from Scotland," says Munchinsky. "Nobody ever found out what that secret was. There was a lot of espionage and things like that that went on up in the Highlands. At the time, he worked on the railroad and went up to the Highlands."

The first book in the series is Bridge of Shadows

"Even though we didn't find out what the secret was, when I decided to write the novel, I thought, the skies the limit. It can be sheer fiction."

To create a wonderfully intriguing story, Munchinsky changed the characters so that her dad initially represents the grandfather in the story while Munchinsky herself is represented as the granddaughter. 

"After I finished my first book I met and had dinner with Janette Oke [published fiction author of 75 stories]. Of course most people know who she is. She said she wants her books to be her little missionaries. Really, that's what I hope too."

Reaching out to God when her characters are in a hard spot is woven throughout Munchinsky's series. She's considering adding a prequel to the Shadow Series, incorporating World War II.

Shadow of the Masters by Iris Munchinsky