After Texas was recently devastated by a huge snowstorm, Hollywood actor and fellow Texan Matthew McConaughey is announcing his aid to those in need.

"As most of you know my home state of Texas was just hit with the worst winter storm it's had in the last 70 years. It left a whole lot of people without power, water, and a whole lot of basic necessities," says McConaughey on his Instagram feed on February 21. 

He says that most of the power has been restored since the winter storm hit the state on February 13, 2021, but there are broken water pipes and lines still in need of repair. 

"Camila and I are presently working with some wonderful organizations on the ground in Texas, but we know help is going to be needed for awhile. That's why Camila, the Just Keep Living Foundation, and I are putting together a virtual benefit to directly help the necessary long-term effort to rebuild Texas and take care of those in need."

 According to the foundation's website, the organization started by Matthew and Camila is dedicated to empowering high school students by providing them with the tools to lead active lives and make healthy choices for a better future.

Millions of people in the state of Texas experienced days without power and/or running water due to the amount of snow and ice from the storm this month. 

McConaughey was raised in a Christian home, fell away from his faith at the beginning of his Hollywood career as an actor, and found it once more when he met his wife Camila. He recently opened up about it on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast. 

"Right now is the best time to safely check on your neighbour," McConaughey encourages his fellow Texans. "Go knock on a door, go volunteer, and if you're a 'have' please help out a 'have-not', there's a bunch of them."

The Academy Award-winning actor says the public can follow his Instagram account to keep updated on the progress the foundation is making and when the benefit will take place.

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