Even for all of the Mennonite identity that it represents, Mennonite Central Comittee is well known and regarded by the Christian community and, indeed, the development community across Canada and the United States for the work it has done locally and across the world in humanitiarian relief, peace and reconciliation work, and advocacy.

And those who may not move frequently within either of those circles will know the name and the iconic peace dove logo that greets visitors to the many MCC Thrift Stores scattered all across the country as well as across Winnipeg and in the outlying communities of Southern Manitoba.

To date, Manitobans have donated $200 Million through the organization to local and provincial causes. MCC Manitoba is turning 50 this year, and a celebration ceremony and benefit concert is set to take place on Nov. 15th at Immanuel Pentecostal Church. Featuring commissioned performances by local musicians and choral groups, the evening features former Canadian Prime Minister Joe Clark as its keynote speaker.

The event is free, and you can get your tickets here. All offerings taken at the concert will be taken up for affordable housing initiatives in Manitoba.

MCC Canada was created in 1963, with local offices established the following year in the realization the fledgeling organization to be situated and focused locally in communities across the country. As Director of Communications with MCC Bradley Reimer explains, while the agency got its roots in doing international work, as years went by it began to start up projects to address local issues. Several well known non-profit ventures in the city today are the result - the Canadian Foodgrains Bank, Prison Visitation Services, Mediation Services, and many others.

Here is Reimer sharing the story of the 50 years MCC has been in the province and explaining what all that time and money have gone towards.

Additionally, earlier in the day, MCC is putting on a series of workshops about restorative justice called "MCC Matters at Canadian Mennonite University. You can find info on that here.