Humphrey is his name, and being 400 pound polar bear is his game! At just over 15 months old, Humphrey is Winnipeg's freshest face on the Assiniboine Park Zoo Journey to Churchill Exhibit. We talked with the zoo's General Curator, Gary Lundsford, not just about Humphrey, but all of the other bears in the care of the zoo.

Having just arrive early Saturday at 2am in the morning, he was supposedly a little bit annoyed when he first emerged from the cage he was transported in. Humphrey's brother, Hudson, is already a well-known sensation to the Peg, and together they make up the contingent of bears raised in captivity who are living alongside two other bears of wild origins, Blizzard and Star, at the International Polar Bear Conservation Centre. Both were rescued in the north alongside the shores of the Hudson Bay, where they were mysteriously separated from their mother, and brought to the IPBCC last September.

While the two sets of siblings have yet to share their new environs in the Journey to Churchill Exhibit, zoo staff say they can already smell each other. There is a large amount of excitement surrounding what will happen when they do finally meet.

I had the chance to catch up with General Curator of the Assiniboine Zoo Gary Lundsford about Humphrey's arrival, and we had a good conversation as well about the broader activities of the IPBCC and the Journey to Churchill exhibit.