Missionfest Manitoba is back in its regular spot for 2023 with the theme this year of Holy Ambition. 

The event takes place from Friday, February 3, through Sunday, February 5, at Church of the Rock in Winnipeg (1397 Buffalo Place). Over 100 exhibitors will be on hand with booths showing the work that they do to make Jesus known right here in Manitoba and around the globe.


Volunteers are still needed to make the event successful. People who are able to give even a few hours this weekend can signup on the volunteer page of the MfM website.

Donate to MfM online: Missionfest says that, while they benefit from the good financial stewardship of the board and previous leadership, like all mission organizations, they rely on the generosity of like-minded people.

Missionfest needs partnerships in prayer and financial support from churches, businesses and individuals to be able to carry on with the work we have been called to do.


See interviews with some of the exhibitors and breakout session leaders below.

Ron Pearce

Ron Pearce is the Executive Director with Empower Ministries and he is also one of the Plenary Speakers this year at Missionfest Manitoba. To hear the topic he will be speaking on, click the video below. 

Cindy Friesen

Cindy Friesen is one of the board members of Missionfest. In the video interview, Friesen shares what she is most thrilled about in the weekend event coming up. 

Terry Janke

Terry Janke is the lead pastor at Whyte Ridge Baptist Church in Winnipeg. Janke's church sponsors Missionfest because they deeply believe in missions. Janke and his family spent years serving as missionaries in Bolivia and in the video below he shares what that time was like. 

Rick Love

Rick Love is the Director of Love New Canadians based out of Calgary, Alberta. Love is one of the breakout session presenters at Missionfest. To hear what he'll be speaking on, click the video below. 

Harry Dalke

Harry Dalke works with the ministry Well of Plenty. Dalke will have a booth set up as an exhibitor at Missionfest Manitoba. They help people in Africa through their ministry.