Missionfest Manitoba 2023 was a great success according to the Executive Director with potentially the greatest turnout to date. 

"Personally, I have some expectations that are fairly high," says Executive Director Tom Castor. "This exceeded expectations. We were full of exhibitors and they were very engaged with the people who were coming through. Our Friday evening event just blew us away."

Castor shares that this Missionfest weekend event held at Church of the Rock may have been record-breaking. 

"[On Friday] the auditorium was full and we had two overflow rooms and the exhibitor hall never really emptied. It was incredibly busy and the speakers were outstanding."

The plenary speakers included David Byle from Berlin, Dr. Timothy Sisk from Chicago, Elyse Fields from South East Asia, Ron Pearce from Ontario, and Paul Borthwick from Florida. 

"Sunday afternoon had very unique worship which included a man from Iran playing a sitar. It was really good."

By this weekend Castor says their website should have the recorded versions of the entire weekend available for people to watch.

"We believe that the Friday event all total was maybe the largest event we've had. Saturday afternoon, the attendance is always a little sparse but this year we were full. I don't have the official numbers yet but I am confident that this year was one of the largest."

Castor says the freewill offering this year taken a few times throughout the event truly showed the generosity of the attendants as it also may be one of the largest offerings ever received by Missionfest. 

"People were so supportive and so enthused. "

The attendees came from all over to attend the event not just Winnipeg. Castor says a few people drove from Regina, others from Northwest Ontario and even people from North Dakota. 

The Future of Missionfest

Castor will stay on until February 28, 2023, as Executive Director at which time he will pass off the reigns to the new Executive Director, Tim Noble. 

"A number of years ago we left Grant Memorial," says Castor, who was a pastor here in Winnipeg. "We went to Vietnam to plant a church and we continued doing writing and research in very simplified English. We founded Clear & Simple Media."

Castor's wife Lee and him will continue getting their materials about the Bible and gospel out to as many countries and languages as they can. Right now Castor has printed materials in 50 languages.