Hundreds of people come out to Missionfest Manitoba each year and this year has some incredible speakers, breakout sessions, and it's great for the whole family. 

The event takes place from Friday, February 3, through Sunday, February 5, at Church of the Rock in Winnipeg (1397 Buffalo Place). Over 100 exhibitors will be on hand with booths showing the work that they do to make Jesus known right here in Manitoba and around the globe.


Volunteers are still needed to make the event successful. People who are able to give even a few hours this weekend can signup on the volunteer page of the MfM website.

Donate to MfM online: Missionfest says that, while they benefit from the good financial stewardship of the board and previous leadership, like all mission organizations, they rely on the generosity of like-minded people.

Missionfest needs partnerships in prayer and financial support from churches, businesses and individuals to be able to carry on with the work we have been called to do.


See interviews with some of the exhibitors and breakout session leaders below.

Tim Noble

Tim Noble is the regional coordinator for Perspectives Manitoba. Perspectives will be one of the exhibitors at this year's Missionfest event. 

Christoph Koebel

Christoph Koebel works with Operation Mobilization (OM) and while he lives in Winnipeg, he travels to Turkey often helping spread the gospel there. Koebel will be leading one of the breakout sessions during Missionfest Manitoba. 

Lotti Klassen

Lotti Klassen is with Christian Fellowship Church in Winnipeg. Klassen's church sponsors Missionfest and she shares what she is looking forward to at Missionfest this year. 

Doug Harkness

Doug Harkness is the chaplain at Nipawin Bible College in Saskatchewan. He is thrilled to talk about missions to students in the college as well as anyone interested. 

Jessica Neudorf-Wiebe

Jessica Neudorf-Wiebe is the Project Manager for the Centre for On-Demand Education (CODE) at Providence University College and Theological Seminary in Manitoba. She'll be at Prov's exhibit at Missionfest to explain how CODE works for anyone interested. 

Keith Thompson

Keith Thompson is on the board of Missionfest Manitoba. Thompson is excited to see Christians come together for the sake of spreading the gospel of Jesus far and wide.