It looks like it will be a return to grey skies and rain for southern Manitobans after a short break from wet weather and even a glimmer of sunshine at times.

Thursday will start with a mix of sun and clouds for Winnipeggers, but more clouds will push in throughout the day and by the evening rain is expected.

Environment Canada says that 10 to 20 millimetres of rain will fall Thursday night and early Friday morning in the capital city. There's also a chance the system could bring with it a thunderstorm, though severe weather isn't expected this go around.

Another 10 to 20 millimetres will fall throughout Friday as many kids kick off their summer break.

The good news is that Saturday and Sunday are expected to be sunny with highs in the mid-20s, although Canada Day could bring with it more rain.

Winnipeg has already received over 270 millimetres of precipitation in 2024, with 89 millimetres falling in June so far.