Walking around Winnipeg, there seems to be more mosquitoes than normal, out earlier too. 

"Compared to last year, we are definitely seeing higher numbers earlier in the season since this year has been a lot wetter," David Wade, superintendent of insect control for the City of Winnipeg says. 

Wade says that the large amount of rain that fell in May has a part to play in the amount of mosquitoes, saying that they like damp environments. 

For residents looking to have fewer mosquitoes at their homes, Wade says, "Try to keep the property as dry as possible and don't let any unneeded water sit on the property for an extended amount of time. There are also traps available to buy."

He says that the City has set traps up. "They're for monitoring purposes. So while they do collect mosquitoes, they're not used for a control method necessarily."

When asked what the City's plan for fogging was, Wade said, "We're checking the numbers and the conditions on a daily basis. We'll review the data on a daily basis and make a decision based on that information."

He says that there are pesticides available to spray on lawns to keep the number of adult mosquitoes down.