Summer is often filled with mosquitoes in Manitoba, but so far this year, they have stayed away.

Manitoba has seen a very low number of mosquitoes so far this year which bodes well for campers and outdoorsmen.

According to the City of Winnipeg's website, the nuisance mosquito trap counts are sitting at a daily average of one, with parts of the city having none at all.

Manitoba Health also sets up traps in 29 communities around the province. These traps are focused on the Culex mosquito, which are capable of carrying diseases such as the West Nile Virus. As of the first week of June, the average trap count in Manitoba is below one.

"Those numbers . . . are actually really low in Manitoba at the moment," said Dr. Richard Baydack, the Director of Communicable Disease Control. "Many of the 29 communities that we have regular trapping in were actually still at zero."

Dr. Baydack said that hot and dry weather should result in an increase of Culex mosquitoes.

To protect yourself, Dr. Baydack recommends the continued use of insect repellent when outdoors. He also recommends reducing your time outdoors around dusk and dawn during peak mosquito time. The City of Winnipeg also recommends eliminating standing water from your backyard, as mosquitoes need that water to lay their eggs.

"We would like to see people get out and enjoy the summer," Dr. Baydack said. "Just be aware and take some precautions."