Manitoba Public Insurance has plans to open up a dedicated hail estimating centre next week following a significant hailstorm last Thursday in Winnipeg.

In the past week, MPI has received over 1,150 claims, piled on top of the over 15,000 claims opened last year following a storm on August 24. 

“Last year, we experienced one of the most significant hail claim seasons in our Corporation’s history,” said Satvir Jatana, MPI’s President & CEO. “Customers have been patiently waiting for hail estimating appointments and given the recent storms, we are committed to making our services available as quickly as possible and in a way that meets their needs through this specialized service option.”

Starting immediately, anyone who has already opened up a hail claim with MPI will be contacted via email or text message, to set up an appointment at the new centre, which will have 70 appointments available each day. MPI will be prioritizing those who have been waiting the longest. 

Customers with hail estimating appointments scheduled at a Winnipeg MPI Service Centre are asked to attend their appointment at the confirmed date, time and location.

The new centre will open at MPI's Physical Damage Centre at 1981 Plessis Road.