Winnipeg Christian artist and music therapist, Danielle Savard is excited to share more about her upcoming single and accompanying music video.

"Currently I am with Shalom World Christian TV Network doing a music video," says Danielle Savard. "They came here on Sunday, we worked yesterday and today. We're doing a music video and an artist profile on their program called Beats."

Savard is releasing her new single 'Sacred Space' on June 26.

"It's all about having intimacy with Christ; in our heart, in our soul, in our prayer life. Inviting Him to be first in everything and not letting anyone or anything take His place."

Savard is doing something different for her release day. 

"I will be doing a debut, partnering with Maple Crest Church, co-worshiping leading them for their Sunday service. Then at the end, I'll be singing 'Sacred Space' for the first time live in public."

Partnering with the TV Network

"Shalom's Canadian producer, Tony George, contacted me. Shalom is all over the world. They started in India and they have a branch in the states and now in Canada. One of his team members found my music online. He reached out and asked if they could do a program with me in early summer."

Savard was thrilled for the opportunity to share her music and heart for God with this wider audience. 

"The crew flew in from Calgary this week and they've just been taking a tour of my life. I'm feeling so blessed to have this opportunity."

The music video doesn't have a released date yet, but Savard believes it will be sometime in August. 

"Whoever hears 'Sacred Space,' I just want them to be inspired to commit to one-on-one time with Christ in their prayer life. To know that He's dying to have a deep connection and intimacy with you. When you create that space and deep connection, it'll change your life. Scripture says, if we put Him first, everything else will fall into place."

When Savard isn't making and recording music, she is also a music therapist helping others heal through song.