After eight months of living in Winnipeg, I can now officially cross going to a Blue Bombers game off the Winnipeg bucket list. 

On Friday night, they took on the Calgary Stampeders for the final pre-season game before the regular season kicks off on Thursday, June 6. 

While I'm not the biggest football fan, it was fun to go and experience a CFL game, even if it was a pre-season match-up that had a rain delay, but I'll get to that later. 

I got to go with my friend Phoebe, my sister Marissa, and her husband Daniel, so it was a ton of fun. It was good too, because that gave me three people to ask when I wasn't sure what was happening. 

One example was when it was first down and everyone in the stands would point with their arm and say "First down." After a few times, I got the hang of that. 

Another example was when the plane came out after a Bombers point. 

While everyone was cheering, my sister was saying to me to look at the plane, so naturally, I (and the camera) looked up at the sky, but then saw at the end that it just drove out onto the field. I can say that I now know more than before walking into the stadium. 

At halftime, everyone had to leave their seats because of the heavy rain that came. While in the concourse, most people were still in a pretty good mood while we waited to go back to our seats.

Probably the highlight of the game was seeing the touchdown that Winnipeg scored. 

While Winnipeg came up short, with Calgary winning 31-10, I can say that I had a great time at the game and even got up on the jumbotron, so that's a win and another Winnipeg must-do that I can now check off the list.