A new song from a Made in Manitoba artist shares how God transformed the young man's life when he fully committed to following after Jesus. 

Cole Murdock was living what he said was a double life. "I would go to youth group and church and I've had those times and then I'd go to school and parties, all this kind of stuff that the flesh desires." 

That all changed two years ago when Murdock says he finally had enough. In fact, he says, it was when God asked him if he had enough of living a double life that everything changed. "This is where I'm feeling led to go. Music has always been a part of my life and it's a way I speak easier."

Having a love for music, Murdock then started to write his own Christian music. Working in camp ministry, he was sitting at the piano writing. "I just want something different." Reading in the book of James and seeing how everything bad turns into good. "Where's my good? I've had the bad, where's the good?" 

Seeing how God used people in the Bible like Moses and Noah, when they were far from perfect people, is where inspiration for his new single "I Will Still Bless You," came from. "Moses lacked faith sometimes. And Noah was an alcoholic." If God's going to use those people, He's going to use people today. 

You can check out the full conversation with Cole below.