A couple of hundred people are expected to gather at a museum in Manitoba this week for the National Day of Truth and Reconciliation. 

Overwhelmed with tour requests and event planning, Lorraine Daniels sat at her desk, taking a brief break to talk about what is happening at the National Indigenous Residential School Museum of Canada this week. The executive director is expecting a couple of hundred people to join them on Thursday for their National Day of Truth and Reconciliation event. 

"I think it is people knowing the story, coming out to celebrate with us and to just connect with us. And it is moving forward with reconciliation and knowing the truth," Daniels says about why people would visit them in Keeshkeemaqua, Manitoba.

lorraine danielsLorraine Daniels is the the CEO of the  National Indigenous Residential School Museum of Canada. (Supplied)

The full day of programming will welcome the stories of Residential School Survivors, host traditional dances such as chicken dances and jingle dress dances, and more. 

"We want to balance out the day, to have both the culture as well as sharing the sad part about our history."

This is the third year they have hosted an event like this. This year's theme is "Be the Change."

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"I think we all have to do our part in moving forward and being the change for yourself, and myself, and everybody else so that we can all walk together."

Nearby churches have been volunteering to help, something she is thrilled to see. Daniels points to Prairie Alliance Church, one of the biggest churches in the area, who she says has been a very big help with audio and video equipment.

"I think that is working towards reconciliation, and that is something that we want to work towards with truth and reconciliation. Telling the truth no matter how hard it is, and sometimes, it is a hard conversation."

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For Residential School Survivors in need of support, the Residential School crisis line is 1-866-925-4419.


Photos in image gallery proviced by the National Indigenous Residential School Museum of Canada.