After being shut down less than a week after its grand opening, the Nestaweya River Trail at the Forks is once again open for skating. 

The trail opened up on Jan. 25 and just five days later, due to unseasonably mild weather, was forced to close. 

Crews have been working around the clock to clear the trail and get it ready for visitors again. 

For safety, staff will test the ice daily and ask visitors to adhere to all signage on the trail. At this time, only the open sections are deemed safe. 

Meanwhile, thanks to the dip in temperatures, the Winnipeg 150 Winter Park on-land trails are also back open for skaters to enjoy. This includes one kilometre of trails that extend from the Canopy Rink to the CN Stage Rink.

"With these colder temperatures, Manitoba Merv having seen his shadow and the upcoming Louis Riel Day weekend festivities, it just feels right that winter has truly returned. And with the return of winter comes the return of these great amenities," said The Forks in a statement. 

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