A mini-series called 'Testament: The Story of Moses' is now available on Netflix and hopes to portray the reality of the many hardships Moses of the Bible endured. 

Kelly McPherson, executive producer of the series talked about how he hopes this series sparks meaningful conversations about the human condition. 

"Put yourself in his shoes; there's a burning bush and it tells you to go do something which is virtually impossible to do," says McPherson in an interview. "We liked the idea of, ‘How did he find the wherewithal to do this?’ Obviously, he was inspired by God, but how did he find the courage to do this? We liked the fact that he was a person with flaws; he had to overcome a lot and what was, by many accounts, a tragic childhood. We liked making him more human. He does things that are super heroic, yes, but there was a side of him that was very, very human and very, very flawed at the same time."

Traditionally accepted as the writer of the first five books of the Bible, also known as the Torah, the man that was Moses is important to multiple faiths, including Christianity, Judaism, and Islam. 

"Most of the accounts were more similar than what we thought from different faith backgrounds. But we really tried to let Moses' motivations drive the story … he kind of transcends any one religion or set of beliefs. He's beloved by all these different religions."

The series is available on the Netflix streaming platform. It has three episodes and is narrated by Charles Dance.

"He really had everything going against him as an underdog, including being a fugitive, and that makes his journey all the more dramatic and inspiring."