A new documentary series called Jonathan & Jesus is giving audiences a glimpse at the impact the role of Jesus Christ has on the actor as well as millions of people around the world. 

Jonathan Roumie's life forever changed when he agreed to play Jesus in The Chosen, a TV series about the in-depth life of Jesus Christ's ministry on earth. The show has had a global impact as it's on pace to be the most translated series in history. 

"Playing Jesus Christ, that has to be a huge responsibility," says Alice Cooper to Roumie in the trailer (below).

The docuseries has been in the making for the past two years, highlighting the way people approach and talk to Roumie, sometimes as if he's Jesus Himself. The first episode of The Chosen aired on December 24, 2017. The momentum of its popularity grew slowly at first until it started to snowball "My life has gotten pretty insane in the last year," says Roumie. 

The 49-year-old actor was cast in a role as a hippie-loving evangelist in the box office hit Jesus Revolution, where he starred alongside well-known actor Kelsey Grammar. The film was released on February 24, 2023, and this only further fuelled fan involvement.

"So grateful to God for the opportunity to give you all a glimpse into my journey and for all the folks who believed in this little project which began with an invitation to Rome to meet Pope @franciscus, going far beyond what I had ever imagined," says Roumie on Instagram. 

Jonathan & Jesus is a four-part series produced by Lionsgate Entertainment. It includes Roumie in interviews with the producer of The Chosen, Dallas Jenkins, alongside others such as Alice Cooper, Bob Goff, Francis Chan, Phillip Yancey, and Pope Francis. 

The fourth season of The Chosen is set to hit theatres on February 1, 2024, before it is officially added to streaming services.