An author from Portage la Prairie is launching her first non-fiction book that finds the humour in everyday life.  

Terrie Todd’s new book is called Out of My Mind: A decade of Faith and Humour. It is comprised of the best of her newspaper columns over the past ten years.   

“This has been a huge learning curve as this is not only my first non-fiction book, but also my first self-published book.” 

She had planned to have a small launch for this book at her local library in early August, which at this point, may or may not happen because of the pandemic. 

The process of writing this book started in 2010 when Terrie went way out of her comfort zone. 

“Ten years ago, our local newspaper, The Portage Daily Graphic, was advertising for freelancers to submit stories. I decided I wanted to take it one step further with what felt like my boldest move ever, as I marched in there and asked for a regular column.” 

Todd says, “I explained to the editor at the time what I had in mind. I gave her three sample columns, and she hired me.” 

Although she had many different types of stories within her column, she realized they all contain either faith, humour, or both.  

“Writing this column has given me the opportunity to share my faith in a way that is non-threatening to people. I have a lot of readers who don’t necessarily claim to be a Christian, but they appreciate the column because they usually find something to enjoy.”