An artist from Alberta known as BLSNG (pronounced Blessing) is sharing her new single, 'Miracles.'

"My parents are big music fans and in church, I got roped into leading worship pretty young. When I was 12 I started leading worship so since then I've kind of been involved in music in one way or the other," says BLSNG.

She's been releasing her own music for the past three years. BLSNG grew up in Toronto and now lives in Calgary.

"This song is something you're declaring over yourself. We tend to lose sight of who God is and what He can do. It's fun and upbeat, but more than that, it's one of those prophetic things I'm declaring over myself."

BLSNG is a Christian artist, worship leader, as well as a nurse. 

"'Over All' just kind of poured out of us. We wrote that as an anthem of hope and faith, and just believing that God is bigger than any situation we could ever encounter," she says as the single was a co-write with her friend Brandon. 

She is hoping to release an EP next year. 

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