Adult and Teen Challenge announce a new interim Executive Director, Daniel Emond, who was once a student in the program himself.

The previous Executive Director, Steve Paulson is now transitioning into new responsibilities at Global Teen Challenge in Columbus, Georgia. He's continuing as the Global TC representative for North America/Canada.

Paulson pioneered Adult and Teen Challenge of Central Canada for the past 25 years. As Executive Director, he helped the ministry grow to what it is today.

Paulson will oversee things until January 1, 2021, when Emond will officially take over as Executive Director.

Emond says, "I started serving as Steve Paulson's armor-bearer 14 years ago, working right alongside him. We are very close. I've learned a tremendous amount of how to be a good minister through Steve and his mentorship and coaching."

Previously Emond served as Managing Director. 

As for the new position, Emond says, "I'm excited to be able to take the reigns."

"Hopefully I'll be able to apply everything I've learned. It's something that you always want to be able to take the best practices, the strengths that Steve has, even if they're not my strengths, take those and try to apply them."

Emond had a transformation after he completed the program in 2007. 

"I believe that Adult and Teen Challenge is the best ministry in the universe and I speak from that personally because I experienced the life-changing, transforming, healing power of the Holy Spirit and I formed an intimate relationship with Jesus while here. Going through the program myself and then going through the stages of life these past 14 years."

Emond is now married and the couple has two kids. He's also been through leadership, ministry, financial, and business training to help prepare him for this role.

"One thing that keeps my feet on the ground and keeps me at peace is knowing my Father, knowing the Father heart of God. Knowing that I am His son and He loves me. All I can be is a good son. When the pressure comes, I can give it to Him."

Emond says, "When you know who God is and you know who you are, is the most freeing place that you can be."

Adult and Teen Challenge's mandate is to see people find hope in Jesus Christ, and help them become free from addiction.

Emond says, "We're going to keep growing and building, and putting hope within reach of every family. We want to keep the foundation, the DNA of what Adult and Teen Challenge has built over the last 25 years, and we want to keep growing, and reaching more people for God's kingdom."

"We want to see a continuous move of God setting people free from addiction. My heart is to do that and get better everyday."