His singing career began long before his wife Sophia pushed him into the American Idol competition. However just before the audition his wife tragically passed away. To honor her wishes he went through with the audition and advanced through the competition. With a story like his, he quickly became the fan favourite.

This first single Hope in Front of Me is also the title track of his new album.

Since then his music career has taken off along with SOphia's Heart. The organization provides a place to live for homeless families in Nashville, and Gokey is proud of the way Sophia's Heart has expanded to care for a growing number of families each year.

  • Danny Gokey - Hope In Front Of Me
  • Those Who Fear - Death Sentence
  • 5ive - Ain't Supposed to be Here
  • The Nelons - Hymns: The a Cappella Sessions
  • Triumphant - Awesome God
  • Rekoncyle - Against All Odds