The African country is expecting to receive resources from World Mission after it was found to experience the most violence from the extremist religious group.

For the longest time, Iraq was considered to be the country most affected by Islamic State violence, however that changed when a report was released by Jihad Analytics.

The report states, "half of the attacks claimed by Islamic State (IS) since the beginning of 2022 were in Africa, while the Islamic State in West Africa Province (ISWAP), an affiliate of IS, is now most active in Nigeria." 

Despite the unfortunate circumstances, World Mission aims to work together with local believers in Northern Nigeria to help and encourage them during the terrorist attacks.

Chief executive officer of World Mission, Greg Kelley, released the company's goal in an interview with Mission Network News

"We send in solar-powered audio Bibles that have the languages of the people there: Fulani, Hausa, Canary — different unreached people groups that are less than one-percent Christian. That is the exclusive work of World Mission because the Gospel has not been there," says Kelley.

It is during this time, when people are frightened and asking for help, that they are willing to listen to the Gospel and to let their hearts be comforted by the love of God, according to Kelley.