The latest single from Made in Manitoba artist Nathan Knell has a blunt focus on breaking through the darkness and into the light.

Once again, Knell is exploring a difficult topic through a beautiful song.

'I Want To Be Your Somebody' is the latest song released by Knell, who says it takes on a darker tone than his previous music. Over the past few years, Knell says he has had the devastating experience of knowing a number of people who have taken their own lives.

"It's kind of sparked this interest into writing a song that would address that," says Knell. "The goal is that it's a song if you know someone who's down or depressed or you are... it's just kind of like something to encourage someone to not make that choice."

Knell, who released his single 'Never Let Me Go' last year, says that writing his latest song was a way for him to process his feelings, thoughts, and response towards the action those in his life had taken to end theirs.

"Getting through the emotions of something like that... it's very blunt in the song, you don't have to wonder what I'm talking about, it's very clear."

The song's straightforward tone can lead it to be a little dark at the beginning, Knell admits, but changes at its bridge as the darkness turns into light.

"I just wanted anyone listening to know if they were in that place that there's something," explained Knell. "I know music can be very often a go-to in those dark moments so it's just an option for a song that really encourages you that there [are] people out there that love you."

Knell believes in the therapy of music and has encountered that himself in times of both joy and difficulty.

"The majority of what we say is non-verbal, and music just seems to be a medium that can meet your emotions in a special way that words by themselves can't," Knell shared.