A hot, humid airmass brought plenty of weather warnings to Manitoba over the weekend. 

“It was a very active last 48 hours across the province — particularly yesterday,” says Environment Canada meteorologist Chris Stammers. 

Reports of ping pong ball size hail near Hecla, strong winds in the Riding Mountain National Park area including gusts of up to 83 km/h in Minnedosa and there was plenty of lightning visible in Winnipeg overnight, says to Stammers.

“Generally non-severe thunderstorms but certainly a lot of lightning and some rain with that as well.”

Heat warnings have ended 

After a scorching weekend in Winnipeg — with humidex values reaching the mid-to-upper-40s on Sunday — Environment Canada has ended the heat warnings for most of the southern part of the province.

“That was certainly some very humid air over us, and there are unconfirmed reports that we may have set a humidity record yesterday,” explains Stammer, who notes that the dew point temperature was up to a 27 degree reading yesterday. 

Heat records were set in McCreary, Emerson and Shoal Lake, says Stammers. 

However, warm temperatures remain in the forecast.

“It’s not that today is going to be a cool day by any stretch, but we’re just below the heat warning criteria today,” explains Stammers. 

However, it certainly shouldn’t feel as hot given that humidex values are expected to drop, providing “a little bit more relief.” 

There’s a potential for more wet weather with showers and thunderstorms in the forecast for Tuesday, accompanying some cooler weather. 

A return to more seasonal and sunny weather is projected later in the week with highs in the mid-20s.