Learn more about Manitoba's strong art community and history with one of its oldest art societies dedicated to keeping the spirit of creativity alive.

The Manitoba Society of Artists (MSA), created in 1902, began with prominent members of the art community to promote the appreciation of art and artists in the province and provide opportunities for them to exhibit their art to the community.

"There's so much attention and credibility given to the arts community here, not only by artists who speak amongst themselves, because it is a small world, but amongst the art aficionados who appreciate the art, and also the formal organizations and government institutions who encourage it," says Vice President of MSA, Bonnie Taylor. "When a government institution tops encouraging it, there's a huge outcry which gives a sense of the health of the community and its appreciation and a need for that kind of activity."

To achieve its goal of providing opportunities for local artists, MSA began its Open Juried Competition and Exhibition (OJCE) 91 years ago. This year it is set to take place from May 18 to August 31, however, they have an open to local artists right now and are accepting art entries from March 25 to May 5.

Throughout the years, MSA has had to adjust to stay with the times and since the pandemic hit, they have modified the OJCE in a new virtual hybrid form. All entries are presented in an online exhibition, and through that, a limited number of artworks will be chosen by jurors (usually around 70 out of hundreds) to be included in the physical exhibition that follows and from there, jurors will choose 12 pieces of art that earn an award.

The application deadline is May 5, entry submissions can be made to msaojce.com.

Watch the video below for the full interview: