A downtown Winnipeg church has gone into the recording studio and recorded their own music. 

Mike Burnard is the lead singer of Made in Manitoba band The Boy & The Sea, and he's also the music team leader at the Meeting Place church in Winnipeg. He says that moving towards writing and recording their own music as a church is something the leadership has encouraged in him from the very beginning of his ministry there.

"This community is packed full of incredible musicians all with a passion for Jesus, and they're all extremely creative. And writing is something I'm very passionate about so since taking this position here that's something they encouraged from me since I started. They said 'we do want songs that are the true voice of the community.'"

Burnard says he took some time to get to know the community first and then began writing the song with Allen Penner also from the Boy & the Sea.

TMP wanted songs that are the voice of the church. Burnard says it's so "we can, when we're singing the songs we can sing out of truth, but also even calling our church to higher levels. So examining the practices of Jesus and putting it into words - putting in the mouths of our community and saying let's make this be true of us."