The Awesome Kidmin Conference is a two-day event designed to honour God and refuel those working in kids' ministry across Manitoba. 

"This conference is for anyone who wants to have a relationship of influence in the lives of kids," says Cathy Dyck, the Director of Awesome Kidmin Conference.

Heidi Schartner is the Marketing Coordinator for the Awesome Kidmin Conference. 

"This is our annual conference taking place on March 10 and 11 at the NKMB church in Winnipeg," says Schartner. "This conference isn't a workshop for your job. It's an opportunity to deepen your faith so you can better share your faith that you have a relationship with."

The titles for the leadership labs run on Friday are 'Parenting Faith,' 'Integrity of Heart,' 'Let's Talk Identity,' and 'The Impact of Trauma.'

"Our goal is to honour and glorify God in all everything that we're doing and to have a place where people can feel that they are part of a community that has the same vision that they do; to raise a generation of God-fearing kids," says Schartner.

Schartner explains how people in kids ministry are often pouring out energy and strength to kids and this is an opportunity to be poured back into. 

"This is a really great opportunity to not be on the front lines and just be basked in the faithfulness of God by seeing other people that are doing the same work as you."

Dyck says that there is something for everyone whether people get paid to do kids' ministry or volunteer. People interested in taking in the conference must register before the event and can do so here

"I believe that the adults in children's lives make a difference," says Dyck. "If we want to see children to grow up to know who created them and the purpose He created them for, then it requires those of us who are adults in their lives to bring our best to their world. I think we can only do that if we press pause once and a while. The conference allows us a chance to pause."