The stress of the pandemic continues to take its toll on Manitobans as the year-mark of lockdowns approaches.

Pastors are among those who have been feeling the exhaustion and tension of COVID-19.

Geoff Unrau, lead pastor of Boissevain Mennonite Brethren Church, says he’s noticed an increase in the number of people reaching out for support.

"I think people are tired in different ways, and with different people, it causes different struggles and we are seeing people impacted in many different ways," Unrau explains.

"I think the toll for some people is quite significant on a community like ours."

Unrau says people may not see the actual physical impact of the virus but there are lots of other results the lockdown and the province's code red has had on people.

"As a church, but also as a community, we want to support each other and love each other. 'Love our neighbour as ourselves,' as Jesus said. I’m having more people reaching out in different ways than what we are used to.

"Definitely there are a lot of struggles and people are looking for help, strength and support."

Unrau says many people are experiencing a sense of tiredness or loss as the pandemic continues into its eleventh month in Canada.

"We miss out on the regular things we like to do such as going to church and just being together," Unrau says.