The Christmas season is upon us, and with that comes a busy shopping time.

For many this can be an enjoyable experience, for others that funs stops in the parking lot.

Harold Tabin is the Owner/Operator of Confidence Driving School. He gives us a few tips on how to avoid disaster while shopping this Christmas season.

1. Signal

Always use turn signals. Communication is the key to anything. You want to have clarity

2. Park in the lines

Maneuver the vehicle before driving into a stall. This will help you have more accurate and centred positioning when parking.

4. Back into stall

If you're skilled, and more of a mature driver, it is beneficial to back into the stall. It allows the driver to get out of the spot a lot easier, and also blocks the back of the vehicle to some point, helping in a small way to prevent theft.

5. Drive slow and stay centred

This will help prevent collisions by allowing drivers that are backing out the opportunity to see you before they leave their spot.

6. Be courteous

If you have two people approaching, and a person is backing out, it comes down to who was there first. If someone is going to take advantage of it and jump on it before you get the opportunity, stop and find something else that is more suited. That will prevent confrontation.