Winnipeg Transit has launched their new payment card - Peggo. This card promises to make life easier for those who regularly commute!

Peggo is the new, re-loadable card for Winnipeg Transit. You just have to tap the card directly on the peggo card reader on the farebox, wait for the beep, and you're good.

Your card can be reloaded online, so you never have to worry about forgetting your bus tickets at home or not having the correct amount of change. There are multple payment options available as well, including passes like annual, monthly, 5 day and even 24 hours, or individual tickets, now called e-cash. Transfers will also be logged onto the card as well, so no more paper tickets. And even with the introduction of the card, cash is still going to be accepted on all buses.

The cost of the card is $5, and is currently available for senior (65+) citizens only. Full fare and youth customers will be available starting August 8.