Over 66 years ago, a Wycliffe missionary began translation of God’s Word in the northern Philippines. This year, the Isnag community celebrated the completed translation in their own language.

Stephanie de Oliveira, Wycliffe USA Director of Church Relations, attended the Bible dedication along with American pastors. After the dedication ceremony, 34 Isnag believers were baptized.

“We were able to celebrate that full Bible dedication together,” said de Oliveira. “So finally, this being the first generation to receive the Old Testament and the New Testament, the fully completed Bible.”

Pastors came to the celebration from Virginia Beach Community Church, that supported the Isnag translation project for decades. Over the years, the Isnag Christians also prayed for the American church partner. Read how the translation was completed here.

“The Isnag community is a testament along with the church here in the US of working together,” said de Oliveira, “that God’s word would be accessible to even the most remote places in the world.”

Through partnerships like this, Wycliffe USA plans to initiate translations by 2025 in the remaining language groups without the Bible.

“Today, we estimate close to 1300 language communities that have zero scripture at all,” de Oliveira said.­

“We all have a role to play,” said de Oliveira, "... including each individual person that makes up the body of Christ.”