Evacuees are beginning to arrive safely in Winnipeg, after tense moments yesterday as a forest fire moved closer and closer to Little Grand Rapids. 

On Monday a forest fire, which officials say was started by humans, quickly grew. By Wednesday it had pushed dangerously close to Little Grand Rapids as well as Pauingassi First Nations. 

The federal government is stepping up efforts to evacuate the two Manitoba First Nations.

Public Safety Canada says 616 people from Little Grand Rapids are now in Winnipeg, with another 500 waiting to be evacuated. Another 250 or so from Pauingassi First Nations should arrive today.

The Canadian Red Cross estimates about 1,400 people will be forced from their homes about 260 kilometres northeast of Winnipeg.

Leaders from Little Grand Rapids First Nation are furious, saying the federal and Manitoba governments hindered their efforts to evacuate their fly-in community earlier in the week.