Are you being plagued by medical expenses not covered by the province? A not so small number of citizens in the province suffer from diseases, disorders, and medical complications that require medication and treatments that fall outside of realm of what we would broadly refer to as public health care.


A large part of this includes a number of medications which are not covered by our provincial medication program pharmacare. This leaves many with the sole responsibility of footing the bill for the drugs they need not only to function and stay healthy, but in some cases to stay alive.

On Thursday, health minister Sharon Blady announced the addition of 94 new drugs to the list of meds that Pharmacare will cover, adding during the press release that savings to families would be in the neighborhood of $4 million annually, and would allow many families to focus on other economic, social, and medical challenges.

Some of the newly added pharmaceutical items include:

- Aubigio (Multiple Sclerosis, or MS)

- Invega Sustenna, (Schizophrenia)

- TOBI Podhaler (Cystic Fibrosis)

As mentioned, the list includes nearly 100 drugs, and the expansion takes its full effect on January 19th. To find out if a medication you depend on is now covered, head over to the Manitoba Pharmacare Formulary Drug Lookup!