There are some planned power outages in a few areas of the city this week. Here are the details.

TONIGHT, March 2nd, in two areas of the city there will be outages from around 7pm to 8:30pm:

1. The block from Jessie Ave to Daly St. N to Warsaw Ave to Hugo St. N. Planned outage for maintenance.


2. The area from Main St. to Rupert Ave to Waterfront Dr. to Lombard. Planned outage in order to install a new pole that will allow for an upgrade in capacity.

also outage


 SUNDAY, March 6th, there are two planned outages.

1. The area from Gateway Road to Manhattan Ave to Stapleton Street to Nairn Ave. Planned outage to transfer load to new substation.

outage also

2. The area from Sargent Ave to Toronto St to Ellice Ave to Sherbrook Street. Planned outage for Maintenance. 

last outage