Police were busy on Wednesday, including making several arrests in the 500 block of Sterling Lyon Parkway, which included five youth. 

Attending West District General Patrol members learned that several individuals had gone into a store, selected and stolen three machetes and throwing knives before fleeing on foot to a retail outlet mall across the street. 

Officers located six individuals inside the mall and arrested them without incident.  

Three 18” machetes and a pack of three Smith and Wesson 8” throwing knives were recovered and seized by officers.

Officers learned the suspects associated with one another and had attended the retail business to steal property, mainly machetes and knives. No injuries were reported. 

A 21-year-old male, a 13-year-old male youth, and a 16-year-old male youth have been charged with possession of a weapon, carrying concealed weapon prohibited device or ammunition, and theft under $5,000. All were released by way of undertakings as mandated by the Criminal Code.

Officers also arrested three female youths, aged between 15 and 16 years. One of the 15-year-old females was detained in custody on the strength of an unendorsed warrant in her name, while the others were issued trespassing notices and subsequently released without charges.

At approximately 2 p.m. on Wednesday, police responded to a call from the retail outlet mall in the 500 block of Sterling Lyon Parkway for the report of a known male shoplifting. 

West District General Patrol officers saw the male fleeing the mall with the stolen property. Officers initiated a foot pursuit and tracked the suspect to the 1700 block of Taylor Avenue, where he was arrested without incident. Three pairs of sunglasses, valued at approximately $1,400 were found in the suspect’s possession.

Officers were able to link the suspect to a series of retail thefts in the same location as well as retail malls in the 1400 block of Portage Avenue and 1200 block of St. Mary's Road. After eleven separate events, the suspect made off with over $16,400 between sunglasses, watches, and clothing. 

36-year-old Justin Robert Cooney, of Winnipeg, is charged with theft under $5,000 x 11.

He was detained in custody.