When a Calgary police officer responded to a call about a Safeway shoplifter, bystanders expected an arrest, not grocery shopping.

A Twitter account that shares content from Alberta shared two direct messages it received earlier this week with regards to a police incident at a Safeway in Calgary.

"I just came out of Safeway on 11 (Avenue) where they called the police on someone who was shoplifting," the message starts.

"When (police) got there, instead of arresting this man, the officer took the time to grocery shop a full (three) bags of food with this guy and paid for the whole thing."

The witness goes on.

"It was one of the most incredible things I have ever witnessed. I ran out to his police truck to thank him for his incredibly selfless act but feel he deserves a higher recognition.

"Events like this make me believe Calgary is moving in the right direction."

Lucy, a second witness to the incident who works at the Safeway, offered a virtual toast to the officer.

"I've seen you come through my till a few times, but today you restored my faith in humankind," she says.

"The compassion you displayed with such a small gesture by paying for that homeless guy's food, instead of arresting him for shoplifting. You, sir, are a kind, compassionate human. Thank you."