Manitoba Hydro crews and others from neighbouring provinces and the U.S.A. continue their best efforts to restore power to the province.

At one point on Friday, October 12, Hydro says that 100,000 customers experienced a power outage. Portage la Prairie and the Interlake were the hardest-hit areas. The entire City of Portage la Prairie was without power. Manitoba Hydro says between October 10 and October 17, Manitoba Hydro received over 266,000 outage reports.

As of Sunday, October 20, at 8:30 am. there are 1,876 customers without power.

Manitoba Hydro says that as the work progresses the number of customers restored slows. Where repairs earlier would bring back hundreds of customers at a time, the same amount of work is required to simply restore two or three customers.

There are over 700 workers involved with the restoration project throughout the province. Manitoba Hydro also enacted their mutual aid agreement with neighbouring utilities for the first time ever. Workers from Sask Power, Hydro One (Ontario), and Minnesota Power have all arrived to help with the restoration efforts.

Over 3,600 wooden utility poles were broken in the Dauphin, Interlake, and Portage la Prairie areas, taking down almost 800 kilometres of power lines. So far over 2,000 poles have been replaced and 478 kilometres of line put back up.