Dr. Brent Roussin says that religious services can continue to operate in a restricted area of the province.

The Prairie Mountain health region began following a new Provincial Response Level, Restricted, on Monday morning. The new restrictions, including a 10-person maximum public gathering size, were leaving pastors in the area with more questions than answers.

"We have a couple of other pastors that are trying to get the information as well," Pastor Scott Allan of Mountain View Christian Assembly says. "One of them had called, and they are still deliberating on what to do."

Dr. Brent Roussin says that previous regulations for churches will continue, as the province is not seeing community spread at worship services at this time.

At a 30 per cent max capacity, churches can continue to worship together in the Praire Mountain health region.

To enter the church and to walk around the facility, masks are required. Roussin says that if the indoor facility is spaced well, parishioners will not be required to wear a mask while seated.

"Anywhere with an indoor public place where masks are going to be required, however, in places where you are seated and managing the distancing, then it won't be required."

Churches must provide two-meter distancing for groups of parishioners.

"Where people are seated, there is physical distancing between families, then you will not necessarily have to wear a mask."

Roussin says in other instances, barriers can also be used.

For those in church choirs, singing is not currently being regulated. Roussin says that if there is distancing, choirs can continue in churches in Prairie Mountain.

"Right now, (when) the transmission droplets spread, there have been reports of some transmission with people singing in large groups," Roussin says. "We do not have an order prohibiting it, but way say with caution, ensure there is distancing."

He says that with currently growing COVID-19 case numbers, he cautions against group singing or other potentially risky activities.

"If things that might have a little bit of increased risk can be avoided, that would be great."