The Petit family are rejoicing this afternoon as the transplant surgery involving dad and daughter went well. 

Candice Petit emailed CHVN with an update after the surgery with her husband Marquis and youngest daughter Eveline. 

"We definitely have an update, our God is so good. Both surgeries went amazingly, even better than planned. Both Marquis and Éveline are recovering and so far doing great."


After waiting for many months, Marquis Petit and his 2-year-old daughter are heading into surgery.

Winnipeggers Candice and Marquis Petit have four children. Their youngest, Eveline, almost didn't make it when she was born, and ever since has had many health complications. 

They were supposed to have the surgery in January but the swell of COVID cases in hospitals meant the program was shut down again. 

As Eveline's kidneys are fully non-functional she has been on dialysis every night for 10 hours. If the surgery goes well, she won't have to be on dialysis anymore. 

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The family is asking for prayers as they head into surgery.