Jordan St. Cyr's young daughter Emery is back in hospital and continues to suffer more seizures.

Emery suffers from a rare neurological disease called Sturge Weber Syndrome. It is known to cause seizures. She was first rushed to hospital on Monday morning after suffering a seizure. She was cleared to return home with new medication later the same day. 

However, on Wednesday she was once again taken back to the Children's Hospital in Winnipeg, Man., after not seeming herself.

Doctors had planned to keep her in for observation and run tests over the course of two days.

On Thursday evening, while in the hospital, the two-year-old suffered another seizure.

"This is going to be my last update for a while... cuz honestly, it’s just too much," mom Heather writes in a Facebook post on Thursday evening. "Em had another episode in my arms in front of her doctors. We will be here until we can stabilize her for longer than 36 hours We appreciate all of the love and support."

Emery had both an electroencephalogram (EEG) test and MRI on Thursday.

Pray that the doctors can find answers from these tests, and for Emery's healing. Pray also for Jordan, Heather, and their three other children.