A missionary in South America is undergoing surgery for serious injuries Saturday morning, including a bullet lodged in his lung, after multiple men attempted to rob his family Friday evening.

Arlen Isaak's wife, Cynthia, says that Arlen was shot when "at least three men" showed up at their home in northeastern Brazil on Friday evening. A bullet shattered his right shoulder and then ricocheted into his lung.

"Praise God (doctors) were able to begin the process of draining his lung that was quickly filling up with blood," Cynthia writes in a Facebook post made early Saturday morning.

"A team of surgeons is now working on the best way to reconstruct his shattered shoulder," she writes. "I am not a medical professional. I don't know how to describe it in the right terms, but there are simply bones that are no longer there!"

Cynthia says that he is currently in stable condition, and once the shoulder is repaired then surgeons will "deal with the bullet in the lungs." While she asks for prayer for healing and wisdom for doctors, Cynthia also lists a number of praise items.

"Praise God:

1. The bullet, shot at close range, destroyed a shoulder, not his head or heart or anything else!

2. The medical team was able to work quickly with draining his lungs.

3. Each one of my precious kids played a heroic role tonight in a scenario no child should have to be a part of!"

The Isaaks have four children, and everyone was at home at the time of the incident. One of their daughters "had the presence of mind to crouch down and sneak away (in the midst of men waving guns!)" and was able to get to another home in the compound to alert them. A son was also able to run to a neighbour and phone the police.

"Thank you, Jesus, you are our refuge," Cynthia writes. "Tonight we are incredibly grateful for each person who helped us."

Arlen was born in western Manitoba where his grandfather was a beloved pastor in Shoal Lake. As a child, he moved with his family to the U.S. where his parents were involved in aviation missions based out of Arizona. He is the president of Light In Action (USA), a media ministry that uses film to share the gospel.